Saturday, March 24, 2012

H&M Conscious Collection

I've been a big fan of H&M's Conscious Collection for a while.  They do a great job of making stylish, affordable, and eco-friendly apparel for young women.  With that said, I must say I am positively giddy about their new evening wear collection with its vibrant colors, bold prints, and sultry silhouettes! I see a blue short suit set in my immediate future!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 3 Budget Picks for Kinky Curly's

Have you heard?!  We're still in a recession y'all and in these trying economic times, who wants to spend all of their cash on hair products?  Here are my top three picks for Kinky Curly's on a budget:

  1. Alberto VO5 Moisture Milk Conditioner, Strawberries and Cream ($1.00) - I have tried tons of conditioners during my natural journey, but this is hands down my favorite conditioner of all time.  It leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft until the next wash, its provides great slip when I want to detangle my hair, and I can always find it on sale! 
  2. Castor Oil ($6.10) - The greatest oil that ever existed!  That's just my personal opinion.  This oil works wonders as a pre-poo.  I simply apply it to my hair, put on a shower cap and sleep with it in my hair overnight.  When I wake up my hair is incredibly soft, so soft that I can run my fingers through my hair without any problems.
  3. Henna ($2.46) - Now, I only henna my hair twice a year, but I love how strong it makes my hair and its helped cut down on breakage.  

Hair Myth: Your Split Ends Can Be Fixed

Recently, I've seen several articles written about special products that can "heal" split ends.  I got a little annoyed that certain people would want to spread false information that could hinder women from properly taking care of their hair.  Contrary to these reviews, there are no magical products that can heal split ends, the only thing to do to get rid of split ends is by trimming your hair.  Don't worry, it will grow back, it always does!  

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Need More Shoes

Ok, so maybe I don't need more shoes, but after looking through my closet I realized that I really need some summer sandals.   I have absolutely no sandals, which is a mystery to me.  Last summer, I recall running all around town with a few cute pairs, but in an effort to clear out some space in my closet, I gave them away.  Now I'm stuck with beautiful weather and closed-toe shoes, which is not a good look.  Here are a few everyday summer shoes that I've been considering:

Natural Hair on the Runways

Hey all,

Wow, its been a long while since I last made a post.  I want to apologize for my long break and let you know that I'll do much better over the next few months.  There have been quite a few exciting changes that have happened in my life which took my focus off or the blog and I will be sharing some of them with you all over the next few weeks!

On another note, how about all the natural hair on the fashion runways?  Great, huh?  Well, Vogue Italia thinks so and they even wrote an article on their website about models embracing their natural hair on the runway.  Click here to read more about it!