Monday, August 23, 2010

Updo Tutorial

Hey Ladies!  This has been a long time coming, but I am finally posting my first tutorial!

I have had my hair in an updo for the last few days, so it can get pretty crazy.  Usually when I want to do an updo, I try and make sure my hair is stretched out, either through a twist out or braid out.  The braid out or twist out can be rough, because the purpose of doing it is to stretch out your hair.

Then I rub shea butter all over my head and brush the back of my head with a boar bristle brush.

I usually hold the back of my hair up and twist the section of hair against my head.

Then I pin that section down with one or two bobby pins.

Then I brush one side of my hair. 

Then I roll my hair against my head and pin it.

Then I brush the other side of my hair, roll it and pin.

I then pin my hair towards the middle/front portion of my hair that is still loose.

Pull the hair in the front into a semi-circle and pin it in the front. 

Add another pin to the front part of the hair.

Pin the last part of the hair into a semi-circle. 

Here is the final product:


  1. thanks so much for putting this up, can't wait to try it. And you're so pweeettyyy *no homo* hehe

  2. I love it and will probably try it out very soon!
    You just look too cute in the last picture!

  3. Very cute! Love your thick head of hair!

  4. Hello to my fellow Nigerian!lol
    I absolutely love this hair do!! Unfortunately, my hair is too short to pack it up like that:(
    Also, ur skin is flawless...can you please tell me what you use and your regimen?

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  6. That's sure cute! Please share your healthy skin regimen.

  7. Thanks Ladies!! I really appreciate the comments! @Yolanda and Lynda, I will post my skin regimen tomorrow, so look out for it! :)

  8. It looks so neat and polished. I love it! Glad I found your blog

  9. OMG! I love it! I will add it to my list of cute and funky protective updos.

    P.S. Don't you just love our Nigerian hair? :)

  10. Thanks for visiting the blog!

  11. super cute wish my hair was long enough for it